Monday, July 21, 2008

Hey Look I Do Exist

Grand Rapids fireworks are actually quite impressive, particularly when viewed through trees, of course.
My friends' fireworks show was also impressive, but in more of a "I can't believe no one died," way.
My lovely boys Child Bite played on a very conservative radio station's afternoon show. It was a trip, and Zach didn't quite know what to do with himself when the announcer called them "Child Hut." Don't miss them this Wednesday at Midwest Fest in Mt. Pleasant.

Lastly, this is my beautiful gorgeous model friend Mary who moved away to New York, makes me sad. She was the one person I could always call when I wanted to take pictures of something pretty. She always understood my vision completely and I barely had to tell her what to do.


Jake May said...

I love the first and last photos. Great eye on the fireworks through the trees. That is gorgeous. Keep up on the posting. I would love to see more.

Sarah A. Miller said...

wow, i love that first photo!

Neil Blake said...

Hey! Welcome back! It's good to see some of your work. I dig it.

Merissa said...

that top fireworks photo is awesome