Sunday, March 2, 2008

Return From Divine Inspiration

MPPA 2007 was a dream, probably one of the happiest times of my life. I was awarded Honorable Mention in Multimedia for my piece "An Honest Look". It truly was an honor that my silly piece would strike a chord in the judges' hearts, and that they could overlook all of my "technical difficulties," especially considering that there were 19 finalists and who knows how many shows submissions. Props to Merissa, Alex, Ryan, Brett, Sophie, Jessica and Holly for placing in this year's awards!!!!

Although the award was fantastic, the knowledge I gained this year was way better than any trophy, (yes, even one of Keener's, ok, so I wish I had a Keener trophy, so sue me.) Speaking of J. Kyle Keener, he is amazing. He gave me the best advice of my life, completely understood where my photography was coming from, and is hilarious to boot. Ryan Wood, Erik Holliday, Elizabeth Conley and my former professor Brett Marshall, (all of them placed in the contest!) helped me out immensely as well. Lastly, but not leastly, (yes I know that's not a word,) I got to chat with one of the judges, Chad Stevens of Mediastorm and he basically changed how I think about multimedia. Seriously, how can life get better?

So, I got back today, was dead tired, but I had duties, a band shoot for my good friends Those Transatlantics. Keener told me I should try to do a whole shoot without taking a single right or left weighted photo, since I do that too much, (completely true.) He also taught me a lot about posing and interaction in portraits. I tried to showcase his advice in this shoot.

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Neil said...

Congratulations! (again) You'll have to tell me what Chad said that made an impression... AND I dig the shots. The last is my favorite, I think you got exactly what Keener meant by posed interaction. Something I'd like to do. You'll have to share the love and help this brother out. *cough* Did I just say that?