Monday, March 24, 2008

When Dan Stewart tells you to update, you do it.

These past three weeks have been absolutely insane to say the least. A few Sundays ago I had to make a split decision to drive 10 hours to St. Louis, meet up with a band I'd never met before to go on tour for a week and make a documentary. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. The boys of Child Bite are now part of my family, and I love them immensely. Although I returned to a ridiculous amount of catch-up work, almost getting evicted and having to go right back on the road for a wedding in Chicago, it was all worth it. In fact, I just realized this, I haven't been home for a weekend in over a month. It's starting to get ridiculous. I haven't really even thought about the fact that I am indeed graduating in less than a month. Wow.
In other news, throughout my adventures, I have met some amazing people, one in particular that I am both excited and very scared about. I am learning not to need to be in control. It is

I know none of you wanted to read that, so here are pictures!

Kevin feeling the breeze in his briefs downtown Ann Arbor. 

Underwear bubble head I don't even know.

My favorite image from the wedding in Joliet. The entire wedding was in an old Amtrak station.

She was pretty.

Dammit I really love veils.

So I went to Ann Arbor this weekend and hung out with some friends. Signs happen.

Turns out this "Festifools" event thing was going on. Jack looked dashing in his slip in my opinion.

Sesame Street?

Uh oh nipple-os! Kevin walked about half a mile downtown with just that t-shirt and his underwear on. He's far more confident than I am.

Wait, is that Carey or Matt Berninger from The National? Both? Maybe.

Ok so jumping around. Child Bite played a show at The Blind Pig with Man Man. Zach was drunk, and tickled Danny. 

MORE JUMPING! Crazy house show outside in Austin. Hosted by 14 year old kid.

Christian wrestling an alligator in Stanton, Missouri.

Dr. Cell Phone downtown Austin. Taken while the van was stopped at a red light.

Most of my 8 days were spent like this.

More drunkenness at The Blind Pig.

Zach all done up as a zombie in San Antonio. Our bud Lawrence is a makeup artist for Ripley's Believe It Or Not. BELIEVE IT!

Clancy and Lawrence bounce bellies in San Antonio.

The best damn mustache east of the Mississippi belonging to Danny Sperry.


Alex from new friends Sohns.

Christian plays a mean sax and sings a mean song.

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