Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paparazzi...or Everyone I Know In Detroit

So, a long time ago, Javelins, who are one of the best bands in Michigan, had a cd release show. I got there after their set was done, but pictures had to be taken. This is probably not interesting to any of you, but some of them are too fun not to put up.Chase was there, and had some sort of vortex growing out of his eye.

But then it disappeared with his wicked glare.

Matt Rickle, vocalist and drummer of Javelins, with his famous faces. Too good for b/w.

Dad and Zach, being silly as always.

Lizzy, just one of the many disgustingly gorgeous Child Bite girlfriends/wives.

My brother Clancy, the sasquatch.

Dude I don't know but probably should, Kevin the dreamer McGorey and his roomate/mustache officianado/Child Bite drummer Danny.

Another man of the hour, Matt Howard of Javelins and the famous Ryan Allen, of every band in Michigan.

Ms. Lisa Norton, looking lovely as always.

Fabian of The Silent Years and a long lost member of Child Bite?

Dr. Cell Phone and some chicka.

The vortex returned so Chase held it in with someone else's giant hand.

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