Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Puppies and Rubies

As most of you know, I've been working at a doggy day camp called Camp Bow Wow. As embarrassing as it is, I really love it. Right now we have two foster dogs on loan from Harbor Humane Society, just until they get adopted. I love these pups with all my heart, but one of them, Maddie, was adopted last week. I'm so glad she's found a home, but it will be sad to see her go.
Also, my good friends of the band Rodeo Ruby Love came up to play a show in Grand Rapids. They're always a riot, and we got a chance to shoot a few pics in a cool raised garden downtown.

Maddie the wonder dog playing with her good buddy Coco.

Izzy giving me a facial.

C'mon, how can you NOT love that face?

Rubies and flowers.

The boys, surly because they aren't watching football.


Neil Blake said...

This comment will be entitled "Puppy!!!!" and "Hey, you're blond!"

nt. :)

Neil Blake said...

Hey friend. It's been too long since your last post. Tell me, do you still photograph stuff?